Who are We?

The #FurukawaNeverMore Solidarity Committee is an alliance between social, peasant, Black, and human rights organizations that, since March 2019, has accompanied and supported families who have lived and worked in conditions of slavery [landed servitude] on the plantations of the company Furukawa Plantaciones C.A. in Ecuador and who are demanding justice from the Ecuadorian State for the systematic violation of their human rights, corporate abuses, and government acquiescence.


The Committee is composed of the Ecumenical Commission on Human Rights [CEDHU]; the Center for Economic and Social Rights [CDES]; the National Peasant Coordinator Eloy Alfaro [CNC-EA]; AFRO Communications, the Idea Dignity Foundation; the Surkuna Foundation; the Permanent Center for the Defense of Human Rights; Acción Ecológica; the Mining, Environmental, and Social Observatory of Northern Ecuador [OMASNE]; the Union of Black Organizations of Northern Esmeraldas [UONNE]; the Coordinating Network of Organizations of Northern Esmeraldas [REDCONE]; and the Ecuadorian Coordinator of Organizations for the Defense of Nature and the Environment [CEDENMA].